Our Kennel

Our dogs live in a 16x60 heated/air conditioned steel building with individual kennels for each dog. We also have heated floors in the kennels that the puppies stay in. All of the dogs have 1/2 an acre of land to run and play during the day. They are well taken care of, and get quite a bit of attention throughout each day.


Our Full Kennel

As stated above we have a kennel that is 16x60. The dogs each have individual kennels that they are in when they are not outside playing.


Our Dog's Play Area

Here is our play area for the dogs when they are not inside their kennels. We try and let them play as much as we can throughout the day.


Kennels w/ Heated Floors

Each of these 4 pens are where we keep the Dam's when they have puppies. These have heated floors to keep the puppies warm.


Kennels For Each Dog

This is where our dog's live and sleep. Each kennel is equipped with its own water supply and a door to let the dogs outside.


Outside Kennels

These are where the doors on the inside of the kennel lead to. Each dog can go outside and get some air anytime they want.