Referral 1:

What a joy Sophie has brought to our home.  We took her to the vet the first week and she was pronounced perfect.  We are mastering the art of housebreaking, and she is doing very well.  When we say "let's go pee pee" she runs to the door and waits for her leash.  Last night she went to the door, and barked.  Looks like she has the idea.  I am attaching some pictures recently taken, and will do so as she get bigger. Thank you so much, and we will be looking to add to our family in about a year.

Referral 2:

Just a little update on Jet-Jet is GREAT! He is such a good dog! He swam for the first time last week and has been going on walks with no leash! Everyone loves him so much! We can't believe how well behaved he is and how smart! He knows how to sit, lay down, do paw, speak- and say "hello", crawl, and i am sure he'll learn more!! We always recommend Elk River Companions to everyone! Thank you so much for our little guy!!

Referral 3:

I just wanted to say thanks! Cooper is such a joy. He has slept in his crate the last two nights. He ran around the yard all night. He ran around the yard all day yesterday while my husband day yesterday while my husband and I did yard work. He  and my German Shepherd pup (9 months) seem to get along GREAT! I can’t express how happy we are. Thanks so much for this great experience!

Referral 4:

I bought a golden from y'all about 2 years ago. He's doing great and turned into a great hunting dog. I took drake when he was only 8 months old and he excelled really well in cold conditions. This is the best dog anyone could ask for. Thank you for everything.